Upgrading to HTTPS?

Are you considering upgrading your site to HTTPS?

Starting in July 2018, the Google Chrome browser will start marking all http pages as “not secure”. That’s why we all have to consider updating our websites and URLs to use HTTPS. (more…)

GDPR Privacy policy – need some help?

Yes, everybody who has a website is talking about it.

What is the correct procedure and how should we implement it? And what are the specific procedure for my site?

We can help you to customize a Privacy policy and add additional necessary features, to comply with the new EU regulations of May 25, 2018.


Lemesos is a smart, light and simple to use WordPress theme for a great online presence.

Suitable for business, media, blogs, organizations etc.

It’s a grid theme, and the newest post are shown as cards. Also with a large banner widget, which can be used to make a long scrolling site.

Responsive, liquid layout for all kind of devices. Including post formats, custom header, and smart widget areas in header, sidebar and footer.

And of course, named after our fovorite city!

Its live now, and you can download it from WordPress.



Magazi is smart and stylish WordPress theme inspired by fashion/advertising magazines. It’s made from scratch by RTW. And it’s one among many of our custom manufactured themes.

Responsive, liquid layout for good readability in all kind of devices like desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Including post formats, custom header, widget areas in header, sidebar and footer, 2 menus, width 1366px.

You can download it from: wordpress.org/themes/magazi/